Jul 31 2014

A Trans-Dimensional Artist’s Statement


Trans-Dimensional Art is an artist’s projection of a spiritual image, sound, color or form. Every atom of being is transcending into a higher vibratory dimension. Our thoughts are virtual and visual. Our entertainment and education are virtual. Schools, teachers, and assignments are lectures and documentaries seen and listened to on our computers or smartphones. Our social world is virtual in WiFi, and our social groups are social networking sites. Our associations and acquaintances can be international members of diverse cultures. Our information is retrieved globally and is transmitted globally via the internet, television or satellite. Trans-Dimensional Art translates the virtual world into a representational art form. Trans-Dimensional Art is created by a transcending soul moving into a higher consciousness and spiritual dimension.

We interpret the sights and sounds around us in a physical reality. We see a color or a shape or a light or dark shade. As an artist, I need to communicate. I want my audience to rise with me, into the same vibratory field I project in all of my works.

Communicating in the realm of the spiritual world is a misunderstood art form and language, that has been generalized without the appreciation of its true significance. Trans-Dimensional Art is created by an artist, who understands and appreciates their transition to self-realization. What we create transcends our physical dimension, projecting the artist’s soul, and transcends the soul of the viewer of our art, into a spiritual manifestation appreciated at the highest frequencies of Mankind’s ascending consciousness.

Trans-Dimensional Artists allow themselves to be vulnerable, so truth is allowed to manifest through our art.  What our spirit sees and feels is what it must project, without mask or falseness. Being who we are is all we can be. Complete self-realization is what we are transcending into. We reach into our minds to discover the universe of higher dimensions.

We have entered the first stages of the Aquarian Age. Our bodies and minds are transcending and adapting to the great cosmic changes happening all around us. As in every new era of Mankind’s awakening, we must find a new way to project, communicate, and record our thoughts. The old methods of the former Piscean Age are obsolete. Our access to instant communications has overwhelmed our physical senses. Our technology allows us to instantly communicate with who we want to. We can capture time and transcend space by sending photographs to one another instantly, to share our present reality with someone else in another town, state, or country. We can talk to our family, friends, and acquaintances any time of the day and night and receive news reports from around the world at the touch of a remote control, or keyboard. Trans-Dimensional Art is the method of appreciating and reflecting what Humanity is becoming, and how we can create new art, symbols, languages, and music to communicate with as we all enter Universal Consciousness.

There are no restrictions to Trans-Dimensional Art. Trans-Dimensional Art represents the gateway to the spiritual dimension, which is where we came from, and where we are returning to. When Trans-Dimensional Artists work in their chosen mediums, we create with the higher frequencies we channel. Trans-Dimensional Artists see and represent their visions, to enhance their world with beauty and truth without restriction.  Trans-Dimensional Art is free from restraint, Trans-Dimensionalism is the gateway to Infinity.

L.A. Steel

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