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Apr 12 2016





Jun 16 2015

“The Artist’s Task”

Trancendent Tulip #5


“The artist’s task is to save the soul of mankind; and anything less is a dithering while Rome burns. If artists cannot find the way, then the way cannot be found.”

-Terence McKenna

Jul 31 2014

A Trans-Dimensional Artist’s Statement


Trans-Dimensional Art is an artist’s projection of a spiritual image, sound, color or form. Every atom of being is transcending into a higher vibratory dimension. Our thoughts are virtual and visual. Our entertainment and education are virtual. Schools, teachers, and assignments are lectures and documentaries seen and listened to on our computers or smartphones. Our social world is virtual in WiFi, and our social groups are social networking sites. Our associations and acquaintances can be international members of diverse cultures. Our information is retrieved globally and is transmitted globally via the internet, television or satellite. Trans-Dimensional Art translates the virtual world into a representational art form. Trans-Dimensional Art is created by a transcending soul moving into a higher consciousness and spiritual dimension.

We interpret the sights and sounds around us in a physical reality. We see a color or a shape or a light or dark shade. As an artist, I need to communicate. I want my audience to rise with me, into the same vibratory field I project in all of my works.

Communicating in the realm of the spiritual world is a misunderstood art form and language, that has been generalized without the appreciation of its true significance. Trans-Dimensional Art is created by an artist, who understands and appreciates their transition to self-realization. What we create transcends our physical dimension, projecting the artist’s soul, and transcends the soul of the viewer of our art, into a spiritual manifestation appreciated at the highest frequencies of Mankind’s ascending consciousness.

Trans-Dimensional Artists allow themselves to be vulnerable, so truth is allowed to manifest through our art.  What our spirit sees and feels is what it must project, without mask or falseness. Being who we are is all we can be. Complete self-realization is what we are transcending into. We reach into our minds to discover the universe of higher dimensions.

We have entered the first stages of the Aquarian Age. Our bodies and minds are transcending and adapting to the great cosmic changes happening all around us. As in every new era of Mankind’s awakening, we must find a new way to project, communicate, and record our thoughts. The old methods of the former Piscean Age are obsolete. Our access to instant communications has overwhelmed our physical senses. Our technology allows us to instantly communicate with who we want to. We can capture time and transcend space by sending photographs to one another instantly, to share our present reality with someone else in another town, state, or country. We can talk to our family, friends, and acquaintances any time of the day and night and receive news reports from around the world at the touch of a remote control, or keyboard. Trans-Dimensional Art is the method of appreciating and reflecting what Humanity is becoming, and how we can create new art, symbols, languages, and music to communicate with as we all enter Universal Consciousness.

There are no restrictions to Trans-Dimensional Art. Trans-Dimensional Art represents the gateway to the spiritual dimension, which is where we came from, and where we are returning to. When Trans-Dimensional Artists work in their chosen mediums, we create with the higher frequencies we channel. Trans-Dimensional Artists see and represent their visions, to enhance their world with beauty and truth without restriction.  Trans-Dimensional Art is free from restraint, Trans-Dimensionalism is the gateway to Infinity.

L.A. Steel

Mar 20 2023


I woke up this morning in an awakened dream. The sunlight that showed through my windows sharpened my vision with a powerful inner light that stunned me. I closed my eyes as the inner light flooded my mind and senses. This vision I receive often from my morning meditation confirms my pathway for the day and inspires my creativity to clearly see and plan for its full expression. These words and the pictures I share today are the results of today’s inspired vision.

Mar 19 2023


On this day of the Sabbath, the world is blessed and hopeful when Sundays are sunfilled where ever people live or whatever religion they serve. I Am not a member of a church or specific religion. I AM not an atheist or agnostic, I AM a spiritualist who knows the Creator God lives in every one of his creations. His promise to us for our faith in him is he will guide us to safety and greatness in our lives if we believe he is always with us. Any time I lost my belief and turned to my own crooked pathway, I realized without his guidance I lost direction and plagued myself with bad decisions, addictions, unrecoverable relationships, and losses.

This is my Sunday Morning Sermon to all believers like myself, inspired by our own beliefs and knowledge of God within us. May everyone have a great sunfilled Sunday.

Mar 18 2023


Some days like today my mind gets blown away into a dilated frenzy of things that need to get done. Too often I procrastinate at doing the little things that mount up until they can’t be avoided. Today is one of those days. Unless I procrastinate further I intend to do everything I can to make the day productive, and all the minutia I have put off doing will hopefully get done. I am an obvious optimist when it comes to eventually doing everything I have put off doing while looking at life through a floral veil.

Mar 17 2023


Spirits are in everything, they are everywhere in the service of Humanity and Nature. I Am the owner of two cats. One is a 17-year-old long hair, two-toned female I have owned for most of her life, and the other cat is a 7-year-old male, Tuxedo Cat. They are a perfect example of spirits in animals, and why all Native religions honored the spirits of animals as well as flowers and trees and all creation.

We love our animal friends because they love us and show it through their affection as gratitude for our care. The Moon and Sun are the great spirits that watch over the earth and guide us through the darkness of night and light of day.

Mar 16 2023


There are many great things to do and thoughts to address in the middle of the afternoon. The first great one that comes to my mind is making love in the afternoon with my soul mate, the second great thought is creating something truly unique that entertains my global audience, and my third best thing in the later afternoon and early evening is to have a glass or two of my favorite drink (tequila or a bottle of Cabernet) then I look forward to creating dinner something simple or creative depending on my mood and ambition.

I maintain a simple life. Most early afternoons I take a walk for exercise and meditation, after I may work long hours at my desk depending on the extent of my inspiration and intent of the project I am working on. That somewhat sums up what I like to do best in the afternoon but things vary depending on where I am or who I am with.

Mar 16 2023


One of the most interesting actions all people do is exchange glances with others, they are all different glances some are smiling, others are frowning and others are odd indifferent glances. A love glance is the most sincere and intense, the angry glare is never attractive to anyone. My favorite glance is in the eyes of my favorite person. When she smiles at me in a quick flirt, I wink at her and blow her a kiss regardless of who else is watching.

Mar 15 2023


I suddenly thought of you. Did you suddenly think of me? I heard your voice say my name. I saw your eyes sparkle in your prettiest smile. If you smile at the world the way you smile at me the world will be thinking good thoughts of you too. Keep smiling.

Mar 15 2023


It was a wild, snowy, windy, blustery day yesterday most businesses and schools were closed and snow cover was 24 inches in some areas by this morning. The snow stopped around 8 AM this morning and the sun came out in full shine, snow blinding early commuters driving to work and morning risers looking out their doors and windows. It’s a beautiful sunny, snow-covered day.

Mar 14 2023


As a creative individual, I ignite my soul’s fire by imagining a desire to manifest. It can be a desire to complete a post on this site or a series of photographs, or a desire to research further into the Spirit Realm to bring to my readers a new understanding of themselves in relation to their own spirit. The ignition switch or fire sparks the imagination and fuels a greater fire in the soul by inspiration. The inspiration might be a Muse, love, beauty, a spark of a spirit-guided idea, or an envisioned life purpose inspired by truth, knowledge, experience, compassion, and wisdom.

Mar 14 2023


It is snowing heavily this morning as I look out my study window at the white sky. The large trees in the yard have a ghostly look with heavy fallen snow on their dark brown limbs. I’m thinking of you as I often do and hope you are safe and warm out of the storm. We will see each other again after the storm ends.


Mar 13 2023


Today New England is expecting a major snowstorm with 12-18 inches expected in the area I live in. 18 inches is much better than the over 7 ft of snow California got recently or the 5ft of snow in one night I saw as a kid. There was so much snow on the ground the next morning my family couldn’t get out of the house to shovel the snow away from the front door. My being the oldest son and 6ft tall at 15 years old, my father asked me to jump out of the second-floor window into the snow and make a pathway to the front door. I realized many years later what a wild stunt that was and something only a foolish 15year old boy would do to save his family.

I remember climbing out a second-floor window onto the roof of the sunporch with over 3ft of snow on it, and jumping off into what I thought was 5 ft of snow but the snow had drifted to over 6ft where I landed, and was over my head. I virtually swam in the snow to the porch door and swept the snow away with my arms and hands until I opened the door, and my father handed me the snow shovel he had kept on the porch, then I made a narrow pathway to the garage. The rest of the story is family history and everyone got out unhurt, but what a hell of a storm that was!

Mar 12 2023


I Love You, are my last words to you today. DF may your last words be I Love You too. It doesn’t matter that over 1000 readers in 83 countries see this today, just realize what that means, and how inspiring you are to me, and them. See you in my dreams.

Mar 12 2023


Surrendering ourselves to the power of spiritual understanding guides us to our fulfillment. When I surrender my doubts and Will and trust in God, to lead me to where I am to go, then I AM always certain to arrive there safely. Trusting in Divine Timing and Guidance insures our patience while allowing the Divine to manifest all we desire.

Mar 11 2023


The rose is a universal symbol of romantic love. My favorite flower is a rose. A rose is a symbol of friendship and love. The rose symbolizes passion and romance and deep-felt love. I love a rose and the loved one I give it to.

Mar 11 2023


Some mornings I lose sight of my Purpose. I’m not blinded I am simply foggy and need a few cups of coffee and a small breakfast to engage my motivation. My Vision is now clear and I see where I must go today. There won’t be much travel because the weather is so poor, but my mind is clear now and I can see my future, and understand the Divine Timing playing out its plan for me, developing my patience as a blessing of hope and manifestation.

Mar 10 2023


Telepathic Communication is a known scientific fact and the spirit world constantly uses it to communicate its messages to us. We have all experienced the sudden thought of someone we know but haven’t seen or talked to in a while but their thinking of you or you of them is like a text message or telephone call. We feel them feel us, and they respond by thinking of us or talking to us telepathically. Our intuition is enhanced as we see them in our minds and communicate with them.

Never deny the telepathic communication with someone you love or someone who is a close family member or friend, these connections are very strong and we are all on the same frequency or know how to tune in.

Mar 09 2023


Think of yourself walking into bright sunlight but mellow, soft, and subtle, light that absorbs every molecule of your being. Bathe in that soft light as you feel naked within and it washes over you as a wave of water moves you into the motion of its current. Close your eyes to the bright sun and see the lighted blindness of your vision until you open your eyes to the brightness of a new sunfilled day.

Mar 08 2023


The Lost Realm is in our own mind. Few people know how to enter their own Lost Realm where they will discover themselves and become transformed with self-confidence and self-knowledge. As an old soul who has built his life in his mind, allow me to guide you to your Lost Realm. It is much closer and easier to find than it sounds because you do not have to travel any distance to arrive in your mind all you must do is walk through the open gate that prevented you from entering The Lost Realm.

Here I present a picture I have taken standing outside the opened gates of my mind before I entered. This gate is how we all enter The Lost Realm of our minds into the Realm of Self-Realization.

Mar 07 2023


Mar 07 2023


Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote a famous essay/sermon entitled ” Pray without Ceasing”. I first read the essay over forty years ago and it introduced me to the method of mystical manifestation. I am grateful that another of my prayers was answered recently, and I am grateful for the Spiritual Intervention. Miracles are mystical/spiritual manifestations. May everyone reading this begin their own daily practice of Praying without Ceasing for what you want and wait and watch your manifestation become reality.

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