Nov 22 2023


Regardless of what you do to detach from your Twin Flame they come back and haunt you both day and night. They know all the inroads to your soul, intuition, personal history, and telepathic channels. They “trigger” you by email or telepathic shock waves when you least expect it. If you block them they become more intense until you cannot get them out of your head. They are the other half of your soul they are you, and you cannot dismiss yourself by dismissing them. It appears you may be permanently embedded with them. The mania may continue the rest of our lives since Spirit will not let it end. I admit I do love my Twin Flame and I know by all of her triggering attempts she deeply loves me, and refuses to let me be at peace without her. So in casual response to her intensity, I will continue my love for her in friendship, and wait for the day the Divine is ready to intervene and allow us complete reunion.

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