Nov 18 2023


Love is the world’s greatest drug. Heroin destroys, alcohol addicts, opium .delays all senses, love mellows the mind, ingratiates the soul, impassions the senses and empathy. Twin Flame love creates a 5th Dimensional Ascension consciousness that takes the mind , body and soul to a state of hyper consciousness, that allows the soul to emerge to its highest state of no fear, no pain, no sorrow, no state of earthly awareness other than the beauty of nature, the beauty of a Twin Flame Feminine, the absolute consciousness and awareness of presence of the Twin Flame Masculine. In 5th Dimensional Ascension all is perfect, love is perfect, God is perfect, everything we see and conceive is perfect . So I ask that all consider what is perfect in their minds and sleep with that perfect thought, and Ascend to the place of perfection and eternal peace, Ascend into the 5th Dimension were all is at peace, plenty, and absolute perfection.

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