Nov 17 2023


As close as we are, there is still a mystery about you that captivates me. My love for you intoxicates as a potent drug disabling all sobriety. I could ask you a million questions and you could answer them all, and I would still wonder who you are, how I found you and why. I am too intoxicated by my love for you to deny my fascination of you. You came into my life as an angelic spirit and we bonded in Divine friendship for several years, until I fell completely in love with you. You ran from me because you were unable to understand my deep love and attraction for you, as all Divine Feminine Runners do to their Divine Masculine Chasers. Now you no longer run from me, because you trust and understand me, and that I adore you with my sincerest love eternally as the other half of my soul.

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