May 03 2023


I have waited all my life to find pure love energy with a woman but have been disillusioned many times by my desires and expectations. Women have always fascinated me since I was a child. When I was eight years old I went to 1st and 2nd grades with a set of pretty twin girls. The school was only a few blocks away from our homes and we would walk back home together every day. They would come to my house and pick me up to walk them to school in the morning.

One late Spring afternoon after we got home from school Judy and Joyce asked me to sit under their porch with them as they crawled on their knees in their school dresses and told me to sit between them, as we sat together for a moment Judy giggled and kissed my cheek as Joyce kissed my other cheek. I blushed but was very surprised and pleased until they asked me at the same time “Will you marry us?” We were all eight years old, and I watched them smile eagerly waiting for my answer when they both said “Please”, and my 8-year-old heart fell under their spell and I said “Yes.” They were identical twins but I always knew which one was which. Since then women have danced in my heart to their own rhythms and fascinated me by their beauty, intelligence, and charm.

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