Mar 29 2023


” As for your true “Soul Mate,” which you have been led by others to believe must be waiting for you somewhere, cease looking; for it exists not without in some other body but within your own Soul. For that within you which cries out for completion is only your sense of Me within, yearning for recognition and expression; Me, your own Divine Counterpart, the Spiritual part of you, your other half, to which and which alone you must be united before you can finish what you came on Earth to express. This is indeed a mystery to you who are not yet wedded in consciousness to your Impersonal Self; but doubt not, when you can come to Me in complete surrender, and will care for naught else than union with Me, then will I disclose to you the sweets of the Celestial Ecstasy I have long kept in reserve for you. ” An excerpt from ” The Impersonal Life” a prophetic book channeled by Joesph Benner published anonymously in 1934.

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