Mar 13 2023


Today New England is expecting a major snowstorm with 12-18 inches expected in the area I live in. 18 inches is much better than the over 7 ft of snow California got recently or the 5ft of snow in one night I saw as a kid. There was so much snow on the ground the next morning my family couldn’t get out of the house to shovel the snow away from the front door. My being the oldest son and 6ft tall at 15 years old, my father asked me to jump out of the second-floor window into the snow and make a pathway to the front door. I realized many years later what a wild stunt that was and something only a foolish 15year old boy would do to save his family.

I remember climbing out a second-floor window onto the roof of the sunporch with over 3ft of snow on it, and jumping off into what I thought was 5 ft of snow but the snow had drifted to over 6ft where I landed, and was over my head. I virtually swam in the snow to the porch door and swept the snow away with my arms and hands until I opened the door, and my father handed me the snow shovel he had kept on the porch, then I made a narrow pathway to the garage. The rest of the story is family history and everyone got out unhurt, but what a hell of a storm that was!

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