Feb 03 2023


I always enjoyed dancing as a child, teenager, and adult. My first big public dance was at the VFW Legion’s gymnasium in my hometown. I had to be 16 to get into the dance. Hundreds of young men and women attended mostly all were single and under 25. We danced to live bands that played Rock and Roll and slow waltzes. The BEE GEES slow songs were bands’ and dancers’ favorite waltzes. Many of the Saturday Night Dances ended in a brawl outside between guys who women didn’t dance with and guys who they did dance with. I lived in a border town where Canadians often came to the dance. There was always a fight between Canadians and Americans over women, especially Canadian women. I was in several of them but I didn’t have to fight alone we had our posse as they did. Saturday Night dances were all fun and frolic and fights. I miss them.

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