Jan 31 2023


I have too many desires too many goals, visions, and interests. Before the internet and personal PCs were invented, I spent hours reading different books on philosophy, poetry, spirituality, good fiction, and non-fiction. I had a goal of reading 150 books per year. I desired to be a famous writer, poet, and musician I played piano and guitar and wrote songs and even a concerto. I wrote and recorded a piano concerto on tape and gave a copy to my college music professor who was impressed enough to ask if I would like to give a concert at the college to play it and other songs I wrote. The music department had just bought a new $10,000 dollar Yamaha grand piano. I performed the concert for several hundred students and faculty. I received great applause from all. That was in 1974, I was 21 years old. I’m not bragging only remembering how many goals and desires I have fulfilled or failed to over so many years. I still dream of fulfilling many goals and desires, this website is one of my continual visions.

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