Jan 29 2023


Billions of wishes go unfulfilled because of virtually impossible odds. Wishing and pursuing your wish with diligent effort and constant thought can make some wishes come true. Love as a wish is often unrequited and unfulfilled because we so often wish for love but do not realize who or what we are truly wishing for. We are too often blinded by our desire for someone and overlook the possibility of creating a truly loving relationship. She’s beautiful outwardly but you are never sure if they really are inwardly and have the same feelings for you. I have wished for great love and received it but I am convinced Divine Intervention played a major role in our 21-year love affair as I believe the Divine played another major role in my life and caused her sudden death. I believe I will soon receive the greater love I now wish for and having faith in myself and confidence will ensure I receive the love and good fortune I desire to fulfill my destiny.

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