Nov 14 2022


Dear Divine Feminine,

This is my last message to you on this site.  I no longer want to play The Fool who has embarrassed himself to the world over an unrequited love affair.  To my audience, I ask that they understand the romantic drama I have created for them.  It was becoming Shakespearian in its intensity, a Romeo and Juliet kind of play without the lovers’ death or suicide. Honestly, I never felt those depressed emotions. All I have written and displayed in this series was a platform to display my floral and nature photography with an intense love message to a Divine Feminine.  I have gone far enough with my dramatics and ended this series with this final message to my Divine Feminine.

I believe our lives together are impossible to achieve. Divine Timing is taking too long and all of my messages to you are left unanswered.  I will let our relationship end as it is now, and let us be free to pursue our lives without each other, except for the friendship I will always feel for you.

Divine Masculine.

autumn ending 6 2019



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