Oct 05 2022


I feel I am under someone’s magical spell keeping me from walking into a new future of blissful abandon and abundance. It is a magnetic feeling of being drawn to someone, and invoking a strong desire to understand what this force is that undermines my creative work and future. I considered my procrastination an issue, but I continue to work under this confusing spell that casts a cloud blocking the sunlight of my success and happiness.

I am nearly over the sudden death of my soulmate almost two years ago.  I see my new beginning on the sunlit horizon of my future. I consider this magic spell as a possible prayer for helping me move onward, and in many ways, I feel I have moved on. At this moment I am not sure if I should allow myself assurance that this spell I am under is of good magic and love. I can only allow Divine Timing to decide my course in love, creativity, and life.


stockbridge sky series 1

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