Oct 03 2022


The Fool card in a Tarot deck means someone in the reading is taking a giant leap of faith either in a business or relationship, or making a strong decision to affect one’s future. I have played the Fool card many times in my life and taken leaps forward in relationships both with business partners and in love relationships some were successful and others were failures. I have learned hard life lessons with success and failure in all areas of my life. Playing the Fool card is following your desires over your logical way of thinking when your mind and body are consumed by your intense desire to manifest what you most want in life.

I have come to that point once again where I feel I must take that huge leap of faith and pursue my dreams and ambitions as I stand on the cliff of faith and fate and accept whatever happens. Once I free fall in faith I believe I will land gently on the ground with joy in my heart and mind that assures my success and great abundance of all the wonders I want in life. If I crash and burn in my descent I will have at least had the excitement of performing several summersaults before I hit the ground.

the fool 2022


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