Apr 20 2024


Robins return from Winter nests as Spring winds blow warm over sun bright seas of meadow flowers reaching upward into blue.  Jealous Winter warns of Spring as the violent time of changing. When rivers overflow their banks and mudslides ruin Winter landscapes. Winter screams its great March winds that threaten cold and April snows, then fade as haunting echoes and morning frost melting in the rain. 

What resonates true is the voice of Spring drawn from thawing brooks and greening mountains, birds singing as flowers dance in brilliant colors and with fragrant breezes.  Calendars are turned a page revealing the blossoms of May. Aries and Taurus begin their fight until defeated by Gemini.

Goaded by the ram and teased by the twins the bull and poet resist their yokes of Winter and Fall and are moved only by passion resenting change.  They wait the year in faith for the return of their season, the lush hues of green in the warm light of May, when the poet writes of love and the bull mates as the world is reborn in Spring.  

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