Sep 29 2023


Unless the world is completely occupied by people who believe in Ascension and their rise to 5th Dimensional reality, Ascension will struggle for more eons before Humanity understands its capability to ascend. We all have the power to let ourselves believe in the purest life we can imagine, without pain, suffering, hunger or demonic disillusionment of despair and hopelessness. God of Creation is within us all and awaits for our prayers of help but we must believe he lives within us, he is the creator of our eternal souls. We are without him only in our own minds, and create our own suffering by denying him within us, and replacing him with dreams of madness, murder and mayhem. Believe in the wonderment of who you are and can be, believe that your creator has better plans for your life, and he has granted you the gifts of imagination and manifestation. It is up to us to use these gifts in the right way and they can lead to happiness and fulfillment and great blessings in our lives.

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