Sep 20 2023


The world is in chaos and news is worse than ever. World leaders are threatening world war, climate changes are destroying millions around the planet. It isn’t easy for people of passion not to think positively and fall into the bottomless pit of hopelessness. I can’t accept despair or hopelessness for myself or for Humanity’s future. I refuse to allow the horrors of news programs and insane government and corporate leaders to affect my consciousness. Their problems and insanity are their own problems. I have my own concerns but they have nothing to do with despair or world destruction. A madness is sweeping the planet as Nature is healing itself by purging the hurtful assaults against it. If we are willing to look at the remarkable beauty and gifts Nature and Spirit bestow on us daily, and we see the wonderful things Nature allows us to grow and give birth to then we can have faith and gratitude for all the goodness, kindness and beauty surrounding us, and be elated with Joy and Gratitude that we are blessed by Nature and Spirit and the greatest and most powerful Divine Gift of fortitude, that allows us to never give up.

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