Sep 07 2023


We are in the hottest year ever recorded on the planet. Nature is resolved to save itself, as it has since its beginning by creating cataclysmic events to make Humanity respect its power and magnificence creating new geological changes by volcanos, hurricanes, earthquakes, and massive state, and countrywide wildfires, as Humanity refuses to submit and continues its own destruction of Nature for greed, hatred, and wars.

As our Ascension accelerates so does our Vision of the World and Nature that will be respected and adored as a Gift from our Creator and honored by celebrations of art, music, green growths, and plantings of flowers, trees, and land preservation throughout the world. Humanity can bring Nature to be its nurturing friend again with cool breezes, warm sun, and temperate weather throughout the Seasons. This is the Vision for the new world as we Ascend into 5th-dimensional beauty and love so will the world transform into our manifestation and become the loving and nourishing mother of us all.

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