Feb 10 2018

The Holley House Museum and Salisbury Association’s 100th Anniversary (video)


This two part program was a tribute to the Salisbury Association 100th Anniversary and the Holley House Museum . The day was highlighted by the Revolutionary re-encampment of the Revolutionary Governor’s Guard , Sheldon’s Horse 2ond Light Dragoons. Former long term Congresswoman Nancy Johnson attended the anniversary celebration and was interviewed by Leila. Leila also interviews members of the Sheldon’s Light Dragoons and other association members. The Governor’s Guard Sheldon’s Horse Light Dragoons served to guard the Governor of Connecticut during the Revolutionary War, and as special dispatchers from George Washington to the Governor of Connecticut.

This was a rare filmed exhibit of their encampment and individual members . Women played an important part in Revolutionary encampments, taking care of the horses, domestic duties and more. Women were paid more during the Revolutionary War than the soldiers, because their work was considered critical to the success of the Sheldon Light Dragoons, and the Revolutionary Army. Also included in this program was a guided tour of the Salisbury Cannon Museum, by the Chairman of the Salisbury Association dressed in period costume.



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